After 70 years…

Happy New Year to all and hope that 2014 is everything you have hoped it to be, yet most importantly, I hope this note finds you healthy and happy…

A storyline caught my eye last night: “Untouched Paris Apartment Discovered after 70 years.” Beyond intrigued, I read the story of how a much admired French actress named Madame de Florian fled to the South of France when WWII broke out, leaving her Paris apartment, never to return there again. If you arent familiar with the article I suggest reading it right away! (click link above)

The time capsule which held her belongings in this apartment for 70 years (1940-2010), held the most lovely quintessential French furnishings, as well as a stuffed ostrich and many other beautiful objects. But what caught my eye the most was the portrait Giovanni Boldini did of her which was found in the apartment (portrait below). As many of you know one of my passions is classical art (think the great masters) with an emphasis on portraits, gardens and flowers. I realized I’d always deeply admired Boldini’s portraits of French high society, and have often lingered on them mesmerized while at the MET or looking thru art books over the years. How he can convey the folds in the silk dresses with such detail, and the beautiful way in which he captures the sitters features like their hands and facial expressions, I could go on and on. Take a look for yourself and let me know if you are as mesmerized by this artist’s style as I am. PS. the painting of Madame de Florian found in her apartment was said to have sold for around $3 million at auction, a record breaking sales.

Some of Giovanni Boldini‘s work:


Marthe de Florian (the artists muse and owner of the apt). There was said to have been a love letter from the artist attached to the painting when it was found in 2010…




 One of my favorite portraits, though I think i love them all. This women looks like Madame X (one of John Singer Sargent’s famous portraits), and it just might be…

Giovanni Boldini Elizabeth Wharton Drexel. 1905 portrait

Giovanni Boldini Franca Florio lady painting black dress

Giovanni Boldini lady blue dress

Giovanni Boldini Mademoiselle de Nemidoff black dress lady painting

Giovanni Boldini Portrait of Gladys Deacon 1901

Giovanni Boldini Portrait of Madame Doyen

Giovanni Boldini Portrait of Madame Josephina Alvear de Errazuriz 1892 yellow striped dress

Another of my favorites, what could be better then a yellow gold striped silk evening gown…Giovanni Boldini Portrait Of Madame Juillard In Red 1892

Giovanni Boldini Portrait of Mlle de Gillespie La Dame de Biarritz pink dress painting

Giovanni Boldini's Lina Bilitis, with Two Pekinese painting

Giovanni Boldini's portrait of a Mademoiselle Lantelme, 1907



This painting above is at the MET in New York City, and one in which I spend a long time transfixed by when visiting the MET.

*All photos borrowed from wikipedia and the Metropolitan Museum of Art websites.