A Mistake. The Truth. And Valentines Day…

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While I walk around my house in my 1-size-too-small taffeta birthday dress, in hopes of stretching it out just enough to be able to breath in it for 3 hours at my 30th birthday this weekend, I linger a bit on something i said yesterday… Think before you speak didnt cross my mind in this case.

As some of you may know I am fortunate to have a very loving & beyond thoughtful person (boyfriend!) in my life, who besides being a great friend and companion, is also very giving to me which I am very thankful for, as a side note. To begin, he and I went into Van Cleef and Arpel on a work errand recently, and while there I became a bit entranced in the shiny diamonds, lit in exactly the right way so they looked about as flashy as the Eiffel Tower’s nightly light show. I’d also seen an exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum a few years ago where Van Cleef exhibited Oh maybe a billion diamond incrusted pendants, rings and earrings, filling their entire first floor of the museum. So apparently sparkly things were on my mind…So yesterday I blurted out jokingly to my bf over the phone something along the lines of how it would be great to get something from Van Cleef for Valentine’s/my birthday, haha. Our phone conversation got weird and felt “off” after that, and we quickly said goodbye. Why I wanted to share this is because I knew deep down that while lovely and pricey gifts from others sure are nice, and make us feel loved (for a short while), I know that if I truly want something, I (Me!) can create it for myself, not depend on someone else to. Im not saying you shouldn’t ask for what you want, but truth is, if we wait for another person to do, buy, create something for us, we could be waiting a lifetime… These last few sentences are what I truly believe, to create your own destiny, yet the same words get covered over a lot and I have to retrain my mind and heart often. I believe that when we have enough trust and value and love within ourselves, we can take all expectations and demands off others to make us happy, and in its place, we can love, be grateful and thankful for the partners and people in our lives…*I must note, these are the very wise insights of my dearest friend and mentor James, who has always inspired & pushed me to be a powerful creator of my own life….

And on that note, some inspiring thoughts, ideas & images I wanted to share for the upcoming Valentines Day:

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553852e2c40fa403fcc32aee9d154c49A small token of love with a long useful lifespan…


0d7541b7b9b5a72123df403c46e3bfb9Simple DIYs with a big impact…



A simple note, or a hand written love letter…


29b056de08affc39c8c17b4b1d6527beNature always says it best…



Elie Saab_gown

And a good occasion to wear more red…<3

Happy Valentines Day and wishing you all the love, beauty & brightness in the world!

All images via pinterest. 1st image taken by yours truly.