African in February – Part I

As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of spending the second half of February, which included Moussa’s and my birthday’s and Valentines day, in Morocco and Niger. Check out our writeup of favorite memories and must-see spots in Marrakech over on the Decoration and Design Building’s website here. If you’d like to see even more of the first leg of our trip in Morocco, scroll down. Photos of lovely Niger in Part II to come, so please come check us out again soon!





The first day we spent in Casablanca exploring the Hassan II Mosque which was spectacular (above).


The very chic restaurant in the hotel we stayed at in Casablanca. Here our waiter-in-training learning the art of pouring Morocco’s signature mint tea, goal being to pour it as high above the glass as possible (sometimes a few feet!) to give it air before it goes into the glass (to make it taste better i think?) Very fun and you may have guessed that Moussa and i had some hilarious moments trying to pour our own tea a few feet above the glass, some attemps more successful then others but i’d highly recommend trying for fun… : )


IMG_7668Our first days in Marrakech exploring the city. And me wearing a scarf Moussa got me at a lovely Boutique near our Riad.



IMG_7620 IMG_7618Exploring the Museum of Marrakech (above) was breathtaking to say the least. How these places were built by hand and the fact that people lay so many tiles and created such intricate inlay work and carvings is beyond me… Will really make you stop and wonder…



Always woke looking forward to our breakfast on the terrace of Riad El Mansour where we stayed in Marrakech. All my favorite things were served, fresh European-style baguettes with farm fresh butter (so different then the butter we find in most supermarkets in the US), with a variety of yummy jams. Not pictured here are our delicious scrambled eggs, eggs gathered down the road that same morning I’ll bet, so fresh. Yummm!






 Images of the Jardin Majorelle above, former home of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, which was just incredible.


Moussa and i doing a bit of shopping for teas, spices and beauty products (for moi).  Me holding a glass of mint tea they offer wherever you go.

IMG_7566My surprise birthday cake courtesy of Riad El Mansour. They must have seen my and Moussa’s birthday’s on our passports when we checked in and went above and beyond to make us feel special on our bdays…Moussa’s cake was just as lovely… So kind and unexpected.



IMG_7682The wonderful Palais El Badi which has a very rich, interesting history. Will let you read about it and it’s ruler here. So interesting and great views of the city from one of the lookouts.



Hotel Mamonia 3


Hotel Mamonia 1

IMG_7551Will leave you with photos of the exquisite Hotel Mamounia and check out their website for even more inspiration.