An Affair to Remember


While i truly appreciate fashion, over the years I’ve honed my own style based on what cuts and colors flatter, usually grounded in classical designs, with less focus on whats trending. And while generally i remember movies by their laughter factor, or the feelings i get when transported to another part of the world or learn something new, An Affair to Remember for me is best remembered for its fashion. While i couldn’t take my eyes off the charming lead actor and actress, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, what had me mesmerized for the entire length of the movie was the incredibly chic, refined and modern wardrobe of the leading lady, this being an understatement. You are visually led from scene to scene with the captivating Kerr in outfits so vibrant and timeless that you would easily see them worn today. Charles Le Maire, the genius behind the fashions, who won many Oscar’s for his costume design, was a starlit of the big screen designing the wardrobe for 300 movies…  I dream of a wardrobe like this, but please see for yourself…. And if you haven’t seen the movie, there’s a very cute trailer here.

08be79b305c2bd2a471ed86768f0a1f5This poppy red opera coat wore with pearls seems perfection…


an-affair-to-remember-costumesThis dress is worn at the beginning of the movie and what started my obsession with the wardrobe… The orange organza drapes down the back of the dress and back up the other side to create the straps, which you can faintly see above.


An Affair to Remember (1957)

The belted waist, 3/4 length arm, and khaki color makes this dress so accessible yet the cut is so chic i may save it for an evening out.



 Yellow spaghetti strap bustier dress and fur stole, who could say no…


Fur collar and french grey, so yummy together…Would love this for Fall. Someone’s falling in love but i am way too concerned about her insanely chic wardrobe… I may have missed the story line for that reason, so i re-watched a portion of it later on…


Some glamorous formal gowns worked in too… This one above is so elegant and delicate looking, seems like we’ve just seen it on the runaway, Golden Globes and red carpet the last few years.


Another supremely tailored “house dress” and reminds me of the Diane Von Furstenberg’s Wrap Dress.


Not sure these images give this sequin gown justice, you might have to see the movie after all…


Can you tell which gowns are my favorite : ) affair-deborah-kerr


But so is this one! It reminds me to take out my beloved green scarf from the closet. And how about the applique on the sleeves, reminds me of a Grecian gown that Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra wore …


The classic cut and tailoring goes a long way here… And yes designers, the interiors are amazing too!

anaffair1This outfit isn’t my favorite yet how Kerr can wear the polka dots so well, makes me want this dress too. Love the tie sleeves.


Even chic nightgown, what do ya know…



scene-11This warm grey chiffon gown with the delicate pleats and translucent arms and neck while so delicate, maybe its the color that seams to make it approachable. I just wouldn’t take it off, its so lovely.


 Kerr is amazing in red… Makes me want to look for a red blazer, tres chic.