Armory On The Fly

The 30 minutes that were stolen to view the International Fine Art & Antiques Show at the Armory this past week were so worth it and got the same feeling i do when i visit the Metropolitian Museum of Art in NYC, invigorated. Its not the amount of time you spend, but what you see, learn and feel from what you view. There’s something about historical references and beautiful objects created in another time, that make me feel grounded, reminding me of all of the greats from the past, whether painters, furniture designers or metal workers, just to name a few. Some of my faves below:

Fontana Arte_International Fine Art and Antiques Show_armory_NYC

This vintage Fontana Arte mirror sconce had me floating in the clouds, and dreaming of using a pair for a client (or my future home!)

International Fine Art and Antiques Show_armory_NYCLoved this rare French Art Deco side chair, lamp and side table, just stunning… I believe these chairs are by Ruhlmann but not 100% so maybe don’t quote me on that one.

International Fine Art and Antiques Show_armory_NYC_mid-century_curve mirror

This zigzag mirror also came from the booth that the Ruhlmann chair above came from, just a treasure troth of rare French Deco finds here…

International Fine Art and Antiques Show_armory_NYC_mid-century

Awww, a panoramic of my favorite shop in the show, still searching for the shop name, I meant it when i said i ran in and dashed back out of Armory show this time : )

armory_NYC_ International Fine Art & Antiques Show_vaseHadn’t seen anything like these glowing vases before and was definitely something to write home about ; ) Could see this pair of vases in so many of my current projects, they are the perfect classical accessory with a modern edge which is something I really focus to when designing a space.

armory_NYC_ International Fine Art & Antiques Show_glow_vase

Up close (!!). They would be amazing in alabaster and lit this way, which reminds me of spectacular carved alabaster vases i saw recently in the Assyria to Iberia exhibit at the MET currently on display, which is not to be missed!

armory_NYC_ International Fine Art & Antiques Show_Egyptian cat

This gilded Egyptian cat was particularly striking and fun…

IMG_6094 1And nothing like a pair of giraffes to greet you at the door.

armory_NYC_ International Fine Art & Antiques Show_bustsEgyptian and Classical busts and sculptures always inspire and are timeless, priceless additions to any worldly collection.

armory_NYC_ International Fine Art & Antiques Show_collectionThe colors are spectacular here. South Pacific and African treasures against stormy ocean blue walls, with red, brown and gold details…Perfection


And a quick view of one of the ballrooms in the Armory itself open to the public. I wasn’t aware you could wander thru the different rooms within the building which are mostly empty but display a stunning collection of artwork, light fixtures, not to mention the intricate millwork… Definitely take a peak next time you are there.

Next Armory show is the Winter Antique Show Jan 23rd -Feb 1st, 2015, I’d make sure to go if you can! Sign up here.

Best wishes for a fabulous Fall! xoxoxo SE