Inspiring short films for your weekend…!

I dont know about you but reflecting back on this week its been a hefty one in which my daily schedule looked something like this: Interior design job —> School —>Day job —>Bed! (adding in gym and dinner with friends as needed…!) Dont get me wrong, it has been a lovely, and highly productive week, yet on Friday evening I found myself desperate for some down time to reflect, ground, and reel myself back in from the tasks done and the things still waiting to get done. I am confident in life about one thing and that is that we all need as much balance in our lives as possible. That means dedicating yourself to the work at hand (making $ to pay the bills), then doing something active (insert sport or activity you love here), as well as making time for loved ones and signifcant others, for proper sleep, while keeping in line with healthy eating habits. I know this is easier said then done, but the more balanced our lives can be, the happier we ultimately are. Basically, Balance = Happiness in my book : )

This brings me to the short films I have sought out and want to share with you!! I woke up (or went to bed, dont quite remember) with the idea of posting a few short films which would leave us with a kind of calm and repose to enter (or end) our weekends with. I have had the pleasure of looking through dozens of incredibly beautiful short films and have added the ones that I believe will bring the most peace and inspiration into your day. For the first round up of short films I’ve gathered the ones below, a few art-fashion-design inspired documentaries mixed with a few nature-derived videos.

Just click on the image (with link attached) then click the play bottom. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any others you think I should feature and I will add them asap! : ) Bon weekend and lots of love! Sarah Elizabeth

 Our-World-Nature-of-BeautyOUR WORLD-BEAUTY OF NATURE  – Breathtaking footage of the beautiful planet we are fortunate enough to call our home. This one’s not to be missed!


KISS: A LOVE STORY – 3D animated interpretive, artsy yet thoughtful short film… Take a peak and see whatcha think!


LAST TANGO IN BLACKPOOL – Beautiful close-up portrayal of the immense amount of passion and dedication needed to truly live your dream.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 11.38.57 AM

OASI ZEGNA: AN AUTUMN TALE –  A quiet beauty. I love the priceless footage of landscapes, unspoiled nature and spectaculars views pictured here.

SS 2010 Pringle Film-Starring Tilda Swinton-by-Ryan McGinley

SS10 PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND, TILDA SWINTON/RYAN McGINLEY FILM – For the Tilda Swinton fans, this is a lovely short film with little  speaking, whereas the nature sounds do the speaking. Swinton takes a journal through lovely fields and ruins, and ends up alone on a beach at sunset. Very interesting if not captivating…

The Sartorialist-Blog-NYC

THE SARTORIALIST – A short documentary on the founder and photographer of one of my favorite fashion and NYC inspiration blogs (the Sartorialist). Love how the creator, Scott Schuman, takes us through a day in the life, and also shares with us his creative thought process.

Kitty & Lala-80 ImpressionKITTY & LALA, 80 IMPRESSION – See a first-hand look at Chinese wedding planning and customs by way of an amazing design duo. Very fun/interesting, and won a NEW MEDIA AWARD 2012 too!