Everything He Does is Magic…

You hear people say of their decorators that everything they saw and saved in magazine all ended up being by the same designer (then had the aha moment in which to hire that person). Well that one person who’s work I’ve been most moved and inspired by over the years, both in magazines and books, as well as at a certain Mark Hotel in New York (Madison Ave and 77th) is the work of the French decorator Jacques Grange. He is a trendsetter to which many try to imitate, yet his innate talent to create worldly rooms is all his own. It is no wonder his list of clientele dating back to 1970’s include fellow trend-setters including Isabelle AdjaniPrincess Caroline of MonacoAlain DucasseFrançois PinaultRobert AgostinelliValentino, and Karl Lagerfeld. See for yourself and let me know if you agree….
Jacques_Grange_Elle Decor


Featured in Architectural Digest, this London townhouse has firmly stuck in my mind for the whimsical, maticulously chosen furnishings mixed with an incredible collection of moody artworks by the likes of Frances Bacon and many others. The vibrant color combination, organic, round shapes, and metallic accents come together to create a brilliant backdrop for this art collectors home.


valentino_jacques grange

Above a few photos of Valentino’s London home. Again furnished with choice  antiques, bluechip artwork and lush velvet sofas, all staples Grange is so well known and loved for.

Yves Saint Laurent_jacques_grange_france


1907fb57aa15d674b6e662efc58e793f Jacques Grange, Yves Saint Laurent_Pierre Bergé

The 4 photos above are peaks at the stunning collaboration between Jacques Grange and Yves Saint Laurent at YSL’s Chateau Gabriel in Normandy, which could not be more beautiful. The rich colors and textured fabrics are so inviting, and just dance next to the painted walls by Paul Meriguet (in homage to Claude Monet).




One of the things I admire most about Jacques’s work is his seamless mix of different period pieces, which you see across the board throughout his work. Eclecticism at its best…!



b8219ba1301a8a89a51aadd08b4dfc84This Greek and Empire style room just shines with its rich colors and velvety fabrics. Prettiest period room I ever did see…!





93a937dd7c2a295cbfa7b2f0ee3c5562For me Jacques’s work is perfection. Now please do tell, who’s your pillar of design? Id love to know…!