Into the Dark

I hope everyone is feeling a sense of fulfillment as this year comes to a close, as well as hope-filled while thinking of the beautiful things that each of you would like to create for yourself in 2014. As some of you know I finished my last classes at New York School of Interior Design the week before last, and while the ceremony isnt until June, I am done with school and have my degree now : ) The last week of classes I began to feel so strange, and wont lie, I went into a dark place. Looking around I saw that school would be over within days, but I would be left absolutely exhausted and without an end (break) in sight. I have 2 jobs lined up which I have been working at during school (am so so so grateful to have jumped on board with Muriel Brandolini Inc over the summer and now have a job title there), yet was still in this scary dark place for a while. I could go on guessing forever as to what went a rye in my head/heart during that period yet am happy to say I am feeling so much better now (a little meditation, beautiful books and talks with my boyfriend & good friends goes a long way…!)

did want to leave you with some beautiful, if not a bit dark, images I found while contemplating my uncharacteristic “off” feelings. The photos are stunning and very inspiring, and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Sending you all lots of love and thanks for being in my life in 2013, and excited to see you all in the new year!




 The 4 illustrations above were just a few of the works done by Jeremiah Goodman, an artist who’s been a lifelong inspiration of mine, since I first glimpsed one of his moody if not brilliant interior renderings a decade ago.


The Pump Room at the Public Hotel in Chicago (pictured above and below).


I cant seem to find the name of this artist (who I believe is showing their work in Chelsea right now) but found the piece here.


 The above black and white found here.


And here.

A model presents a creation by British d



 I had the privilege of seeing the Alexander McQueen show at the costume institute at the MET on one of it’s opening nights a few years ago. To date one of the most incredible exhibitions Ive ever seen…! It was truly world class…



Georgia O’Keeffe flower paintings… Need I saw more!