My NYC Apt

Below are a few recent photos of my beloved apartment on Riverside Dr. in NYC. I have lived in my 180 sq ft studio (yes I said 180!) for almost 7 years now and have loved almost every second of it. Living in under 200 sq ft means a bit of a different kind of lifestyle (no dining table, or bathtub) yet it has served me so well and I am honestly able to do most of the things I want to within the cozy quarters, I may just get more creative then I did when I had a larger space. There is space for a desk, bed, medium size closet (I only began to hang the excess clothing which no longer fits in my hanging closet, on a hook on one wall about a year ago…) This tiny space calls for plenty of fabric boxes lined up under the bed, as well as more colorful boxes stacked near the door which house jewelry, post cards from my travels abroad, and other collections I cant seem to part with. Below are the first few pix and please stay tuned for more!

blk dress vignette book on desk vig glass bkcase vignette flower girl and blk jewelry bx CIMG5056chair with pillowsCIMG5040 CIMG5066


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