My Saturday Inspiration

What inspires me today: On the elliptical machine Saturday AM’s I tend to get some of my best creative thinking done while listening to Pandora (the Ellie Goulding station today) and reading whatever shelter design magazine I grab first before running out the door. Some things I’ve found intriguing and particularly inspiring today:

-The new Danish Embassy in Copenhagen, designed by 3XN:

Denmark-Danish Embassy-3XN 3xn_un_city_01Images via

While pawing through the October 2013 Architectural Digest I stumbled on this incredible sculptural staircase in Denmark’s new embassy. The rhythmic pattern and interplay of glossy black with the honey-colored wood slats is really unexpected & eye-popping…

-Wicker & rattan furniture:

Pottery Barn-wicker furnitureImage via Pottery barn

I didnt always “get” wicker and rattan furniture, or thought maybe it was too country feeling (think painted white with faded floral seat cushions) yet I have come to find that I am loving the the woven basket look and amazing curves which rattan can meld to. I especially love vintage wicker (see below) and am so happy to have gone to a lovely estate sale with Moussa recently where I asked the price of 2 vintage wicker chairs (in very good condition) to which the woman replied that I could have them for free… Incredible!!

ebay-vintage-rattan-wicker-chairImage via eBay

-Lana Del Rey

Lana-Del Rey-music

With at times racy (understatement) yet grounded songs, I find Lana’s melodic voice very hard to turn off. I also recently read that she’ll be taking a year off from touring to focus on writing new music, which I thought was refreshing to hear, as she could very easily keep touring and wracking in the $… : )

-Curvy sofas:

90a4cbf0b4cf446353fe124833d5d45dImage via pinterest


Amethyst-birthstones-crystalsPhoto via pinterest

Just got a tiny version of this amethyst crystal and love to hold it in my palm and see how the light travels through each crystal. It is also my birthstone (February) so I am extra fond of the rock…


rebeccaplotnick-etsy-paris-photography-evening-light-in-thePhoto by rebeccaplotnick via Pinterest.

 For design, photography, world inspiration, meaningful quotes, recipes… Pinterest never fails to inspire.

red book-drink coffee-pinterest-woman lyingPhoto via pinterest

This is such a beautiful shot and reminds me that besides doing errands and hopefully getting in a walk or trip to the gym, Saturdays are also for relaxing, and dare I say, taking a nap…