My week in photos (PART 2): SF, Mill Valley & Half Moon Bay


The past few days before I left California were too good not to write home about. Marveling at the differences between East coast verses west coast living, I find that there are great things, as well as challenges (if you want to look at them that way), with living on either coast. While having the privilege to experience such beautiful, unique towns and places while here in California (photos below!), I have decided to be at peace with my NYC life, and have dismissed all fantasies of moving back to CA (at least for now). I know we all like to visit new towns, states and even countries, and fall in love with how we feel there, while pondering how our lives would be much better, different, more full in these new found places. I would slip into the same mesmerizing fantasies, but it is not the place people fall in love with, but the permission we give themselves to relax, unwind, be ourselves and actually see all the beauty that is around us…

One of my all time favorite quotes: “The grass isnt greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.” -Unknown

Now for the photos:

PS. These photos are raw, straight from my iphone, no editing needed! : )


My lunch at Tout Sweet on the 3rd floor of Macy’s in San Francisco’s Union Square where I worked on my blog while being pleasantly distracted by the incredible stop I had for people watching… Also, if you need a last minute gift or just craving some macaroons or pretty French deserts, I’d recommend stopping here while in SF.20130815-161646.jpg

A very cool sculptural cube coming out of the side of a classical structure which is The Contemporary Jewish Museum of SF. The SF MOMA is currently closed for renovation, so after realizing this, I began walking a bit aimlessly while passing such lovely architecture, like above & below.


The breathtaking entrance of the Jewish museum listed above. I find some of the most interesting architecture to be when a classically designed building has a purely modern section or decorative element added to it. Think: The Louvre Pyramid at the Louvre in Paris…


A very sweet surprise. A flower delivery for me, as well as one for Karen’s family, sent from Moussa who had to stay on the east coast for work this week.

IMG_0969 1

Yours truly sleeping on the job : )


Moi in front of a lovely garden in the town of Half Moon Bay. The colors of the bogenvia plant I’m in front of are just incredible.




These 3 photos (above) of the sea were taken while we drove up the coast, still in Half Moon Bay, having just had the most delightful brunch at a highly recommended cafe called 3-Zero Cafe, located on the tiny airport in town. The interior has an airplane theme throughout (surprise!) and has the yummiest french toast and Eggs Jeanine (eggs florentine plus avocado and tomato) I’ve had in a long time…




The 3 photos above our of the most delightful beach-themed store, Seascapes, in Half Moon Bay. As you can see above, the store is filled with baskets of tiny shells (at .75 cents a scoop), small and large starfish, exotic shells, coral, and anything else you can imagine from the sea. We were led to this charming boutique when we had searched several stores in the town for a shark tooth (Moussa’s one request for me to bring him home from CA). Finally someone recommended we try this shop in a small shopping center up the street.




For one of my last nights in SF, my dearest friend Karen said she wanted to treat me to dinner in the city. I had been to Farallon restaurant years ago back when I lived in San Francisco and it left quite an impression on me, to say the least. For those of you who dont know about this magical, ocean-inspired restaurant, make me a promise that you’ll book a reservation when your on the west coast next… The photos above dont do the restaurant justice, and since I cant give you a bite of the delicious oysters and fish we ate, you’ll just have to believe me. Also, the service is 5 star, and I dont remember having such attentive and knowledgable waitstaff (even when it has been a 5 star restaurant…!)

Thanks for reading! Where’s the last place you vacationed at? And would you recommend putting on our bucket list? Please do share!

*photos taken my me for