In-home application

Attention to detail is a vital trait for an interior designer to possess, yet lighting is a detail which can be easily overlooked when completing a space. Lantern-inspired lighting seem to me a good choice when deciding on light fixtures for almost any room, adding a whimsical and unexpected quality to a space and come in a range of different styles, shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The diffused light which lanterns give off can be subtle, when used as accent lighting like in the bathroom below, or can shine brightly as the main attraction in a formal dining room (one of Tony Duquette’s lavish and wildly colorful rooms come to mind).

This bathroom gives an innate feeling of being outdoors & connected to nature (maybe a converted porch?) I love the soothing monochromatic palette used along with the worn french accents. A fun, no-fuss washroom for kids or any age group for that matter.

n94133_duquette_chap_07_041Major wow factor here with this red, multitiered chinoiserie lantern, not to mention the pagoda-style, double height ceiling, exotic plants and peek into the stunning room beyond…!

colorful chinoiserie lanters

I’ve always loved the look of mulit-colored chinoiserie lanterns clumped together, and can remember buying many large round paper lanterns (ikea maybe), painting them with watercolors and hanging them from my ceiling, so they hung low over a scarlett crackle glazed trunk I had painted to look Japanese. This above image is of Elle Decor’s Dining By Design table from 2006.



melanie myhre

And last but not least, my all time favorite, the dynamic yet possibly underrated (until the last few years), the paper globe lanterns…