Tailored, Refined and Interesting…Jean-Louis Deniot

I know a few weeks ago I professed my love and adoration for the great Jacques Grange (that by the way, will not waver) yet I really should have mentioned that the dual first place winners for my all-time favorite interior designers is shared by Jacques, AND Jean-Louis Deniot. Both French designers, and while decorating in very different styles, they are both rare designer who’s work I find pure perfection. When I open a shelter magazine featuring one of Deniot’s recent projects, I know I am in for a visual feast & become a very happy girl! His style is rich in history, mixing different period pieces with choice modern ones, all with a common thread of beauty and precision. While commonly working with a palette of warm grey’s, creams and metallics, Deniot and his team seem to be painstakingly thorough in every detail of a project, bringing the meaning of a “polished interior” to a whole new level. I truly believe while Jacques and Deniot approach design differently, the quality of their work, as well as the tailored, refined and interesting objects and furnishings they choose, make them stand out, while their work does all the talking… See for yourself below and let me know what you think. Pictured below, Jean-Louis Deniot’s Paris apartment.


paris_apartment_design_ideas_deniot-1Deniot’s own Parisian apartment I find so chic and welcoming. I love the low slung shelving and display area, leaving a large portion of the incredible wall treatment to be center stage. The walls and ceiling painted by Mathias Kiss, to imitate the sky.

paris_apartment_design_ideas_deniot-2I’ve been eyeing this coffee table, in the dining table version, by Ado Chale, since spotting it at my very first Armory Winter Antique show several years ago… Love at first sight.

paris_apartment_design_ideas_deniot-3And this kitchen, with hammered silver cupboards is about the most luxurious kitchen possible, reminding me of a jewelry box.




This intimate dining area has so many interesting design elements, yet feels very calming with its repetition of colors and organic shapes. The Roger Thibier table is an absolute dream with it’s curved bronze legs and sleek oval top.

paris_apartment_design_ideas_deniot-7These rooms (above and below) have such movement with the use of disparate textures & stripes, while the metallic reflective surfaces pass the light around the room beautifully…


paris_apartment_design_ideas_deniot-9This large stripe used in the bathroom isn’t quite for me, I crave a much more soothing, spa-like spareness in this area of the home, yet for a guest bath, which this is, i think it’s fun…

*all photos courtesy of ElleDecor.com.