The Big 30 B-Day Post

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 1Hi everyone, I hope this note finds you well and surviving what is hopefully the last few weeks of our East Coast arctic winter! Who would of guessed it could get this cold (for this long!!) after the mild winter we had a few years back where I remember being pleased to see my heaviest coats staying in the closet all season long…! Even on my big 3-0 bday, it was snowing hard (think coming down diagonally) due to the harsh winds.  That did not however stop any of my dear friends from attending my soiree. I just want to thank every one of you for making it such a magical birthday week for me, you all know who you are…!!! Muahhh

Now for a few fun pix:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.46.16 PMThe invites were sent via Oh the invites are black and gold, who would of guessed…?! I just read that Kelly Wearstler is designing a card line for Paperlesspost, as a side note, which will be exquisite I’m sure.

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_gold balloons

We had the event at Pangea Restaurant in the East Village and Stephen, the owner, as well as our fabulous waiters, could not have been any kinder or more accommodating to us. I would definitely recommend Pangea’s party room for any upcoming events, it is super spacious and has such a nice atmosphere.

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 10Friends meeting and mingling. One of my main goals when having a party is for my guests to leave feeling happy and inspired,  having met lots of new people who they can call new friends! That to me is priceless.

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 11

Moi, yes there are some selfies, its my bday : )

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 9Betsy, Cassidy and Susan looking so very lovely, getting ready to order from the fabulous Prefix menu Stephen made up for our party. I had the salmon entree and it was delicious.

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 8Jodi, Carly and me feeling the love. So glad you ladies were able to make it!

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 7Moussa and Kirsten in mid conversation…Both looking so chic and sharp that night, I must add. Though these two always look so fashionable, love my babe in one of his handsome suits (like above). And Kirsten who Im sure you can guess by her innate style, is a professional stylist, and everytime i see her i have a million questions as to where she bought each accessory and article of clothing she is wearing…

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 5Ryan, so glad you could make it over after your epic volleyball tournament! You and Joe added so much fun & life to the party.

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 6

Me, my dear friend Charlotte and her husband Adam (newlyweds!) Congratulations and love you both! www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 4

Our close friends Abba and Falila. You can’t see here but Falila is 8 months pregnant! This lovely couple is expecting their first baby next month, cant wait to be an aunt!! : ) www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 3

More lovely guests, Joe, Luke and Britt to name a few. I absolutely loved hearing the laughter coming from this table during the evening. www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party 2Pictured with my sweet friend Camille who’s looking as pretty as ever (her husband Jason taking the picture). Congratulations to the both of  them for welcoming their beautiful baby girl into the world just 1 month ago! What a beautiful addition to their family.

www.7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_nyc_party cakeAnd dont forget the cake! Designed by moi, and made by Veniero’s Bakery in the East Village. It honestly tasted as good as it looked, its no wonder Veniero’s has been in business since 1894! Will definitely be ordering cakes from them again, now so easy as orders can be done all on their website.

7dayobsession.com_30th birthday_partyMoussa and I laughing after I try to muster up a 2nd speech of the night, before blowing out the candles… Thanks for taking this great pic, Char! Hope you enjoyed a tiny glimpse into the my special night. For those of you not pictured here, and for the ones who couldnt make it to the East Coast, you were not forgotten and were there in spirit…! Cheers to a new decade and to many more life celebrations to come!  xoxox SE