Watercolor therapy.

7dayobsession_blog_flower painting 1Besides painting with my Crayola watercolor paint set as a child, it wasn’t until the age of 20 that I discovered the powerful affects painting with watercolors has on me. It began when a dear friend brought me a book of beautiful self portrait paintings by Anh Duong (if you aren’t familiar with her work, you-must-look-her-up!!) Something in her work struck a cord in me, seeing a woman use herself as a muse, so unapologetically, seemed both empowering and intriguing to me. I had her work in the back of my mind for a few weeks, and finally one night while still living in San Francisco, after a friend called to say they’d be running late to meet, I finally picked up a watercolor set and white printer paper (all I had at the time), and began quietly painting… Since that night, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with painting self portraits, as well as flowers, which I began painting a few years ago. Though I generally haven’t shown my work to others much, below is some of my recent work, as well as watercolors done by others I find particularly beautiful and inspiring…

Do you have a passion which you might keep under the radar, which brings you joy and a sense of calm? I know the world (and I!) would love to hear about them, so please do share (feel free to add a link in the comments)!

7dayobsession.com_blog_watercolor_self portrait painting_1

Above and below are a few self portraits I did this month.

7dayobsession.com_blog_watercolor_self portrait painting_3


7dayobsession.com_blog_watercolor_painting_4The 2 paintings above and the top image are some of my Flowers on the Fence watercolor and gauche paintings.




These 3 above are a few in the series of mini-flower paintings I had fun doing (6″x6″ and 5″x7″).



These are a few paintings from the orchid studies I did this summer (above). Your can find more of my work here. 



peonies_7dayobsession.com_blogI love the saturated colors and whimsical nature of these 3 watercolors above by Shana Frase. They just set me in a good mood! Also check out her website, from a design perspective it is really cool, love her out of the box approach.

silverridgestudio_7dayobsession.com_blogThis watercolor is so inspiring to me, with the woman’s clothing, beaded headdress and colorful jewelry… It reminds me that there is a whole HUGE world out there in which to explore. Paintings/prints found here on Etsy.

waterinmypaint_7dayobsession.com_blogI stumbled on these light-hearted animal watercolors (above and below) on Etsy & they just made me laugh, so wanted to share. WaterInMyPaint on Etsy

waterinmypaint_7dayobsession.com_blog_owlBesides being one of the most famous portrait painters of his (and our) time, John Singer Sargent was also a master watercolor painter…I will do a separate post dedicated to him and his legacy as an artist, but I couldn’t finish this post without including a few of his breathtaking watercolors (below). I had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition of his watercolors in person, and it was truly an honor and a highlight in my life thus far…

7dayobsession.com_blog_john singer sergeant_water colors_paintings 1



7dayobsession.com_john singer sergeant_watercolor_fountain

7dayobsession.com_john singer sergeant_watercolor_napping_ladies

I will leave you these in hopes of brightening your day and week ahead…! xoxo SE