What I am thankful for…


Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke early this morning, showered, and ran a few blocks down to visit some close friends who are fortunate to have a view of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from their front windows, where I go each year to have a lovely view of Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, and many other balloons being blown up. I also woke up and felt genuinely thankful for my life and began my day by counting my blessings. (I’ve made a little list below).

My Thanksgiving dinner this year will be spent with good friends in the city who have been getting together for several years to celebrate the holiday together. This time, we will be celebrating the life of our dear friend Norine, the mother or grandmother of many people gathering to celebrate this evening. Because really, since I met Norine several years ago upon moving to NYC, she has so lovingly included me & invited me to her family’s Thanksgiving festivities, to where its become my tradition too. As some of you know as I wrote about this in my last post, Norine will pass away any day now, so this thanksgiving is particularly important for me as I reflect on the time spent with Norine and her family over the years, for the wonderful people I now know because of Norine, and most importantly the beautiful life Norine created for herself.

Below is a brief list of things I am grateful for. Also feel free to visit my  Daily Gratitude page  as I try to make a daily (nightly) list of what I’m grateful for.

-A healthy body and the health & happiness of my loved ones.

-James and Karen, my dearest friends. And for all of my close friends, so thankful for your friendship.

-My loving boyfriend.

-A warm cozy apt to come home to and warm bed to sleep in.

-For the freedoms, equal rights and democracy we have living in the United States.

-Clean drinking water. A warm shower. Markets selling healthy foods in close proximity.

-My jobs which help me pay for rent, food, and the things I need and want.

-Being able to live in NYC.

-For meditation, change, and quiet moments to reflect…












Wishing you all a safe & beautiful holiday! *all photos via pinterest.com