Daily Gratitude

For the past few months, I have began a nightly ritual of writing a list of things I am grateful in my pink mole skin journal. Not in any particular order, I jot down whatever comes to my mind: the incredible gifts I am given each day with peoples’ presence, a smile, a gift, being treated to dinner or treating a friend to dinner, to name a few, as well as the billions of things I take for granted each day which are, to many people, huge luxuries (sleeping in a warm bed at night, knowing I can safely walk home at night, etc). The idea is starting to seep in that waking up in the morning healthy is a huge gift of life and that waking up at all, is a miracle in itself. To have a healthy, beating heart and the breath to speak, amazing! I thought I’d like to go a bit more public with my daily gratitudes so that I can share these ideas with others, and hopefully inspire a few of you while doing so.



For all of the times my BF treats me to lunches/dinners in the city. For him driving an hour + to see me in NYC each week or will offer to arrange for me to get to him. For having such a sweet, caring person in my life. I’m so grateful for a best friend who will listen to me without judging (for hours on end if I needed) and then offer advice which I trust and value so much. So grateful that I woke up healthy today, that I could pay for a coffee and snack at Starbucks. That I could work quietly at Starbucks for the day. So grateful that my boss gave me the day off (again!) For having such sweet, wonderful bosses… And a wild child to look after who is so loving and always trying his best to always do his best, be nice, etc. So grateful that my heart is beating and that I have no aliments, handicaps or health issues to keep me from walking, running, working out, being able to do all of the things I want/need to do each day. That I am able to work only part time and pay my bills. that my rent is pretty low for NYC and that I can pay it and all my bills each month without worrying. For having an amazingly kind, caring landlord who is always a phone call and hour-day away from fixing anything I need help with.


Im so grateful for Elias being so loving, sweet, cuddly, amazing to me. For him welcoming me into his family and asking how my day is. For a job where my boss is seldom around and tells me to take my time on completing projects. For working in a friendly, supportive environment. For my incomparable best friends, my loving boyfriend, and my amazing girlfriends who text/email/call to reach out and keep connected. For being able to afford and treat myself to an amazing, luxurious facial in a peaceful spa where they didnt pressure me to buy extra things/products and were very kind. For my AC that works that I can keep on all night if needed. For a sunny day and pretty clothing to put on. For the ability to shop for a new dress or meet a friend for a drink, without worrying if my debit card will go through or not at the checkout. For the most wonderful people in my life. For Patty for passing my info along to the interior design friends she knows, and being so sweet in offering to help me. For waking up today, for hot water and drinking water, and food in my fridge. For my cell phone, computer, iPad which i can afford on my own. For nail polish, yummy coffee, the internet, clear skin, my big, clear blue eyes. For my beating heart, a tiolet that flushes, a shower that works, no bugs in the house (or any other nyc insects/rodents!)

So grateful I am healthy! That I woke up this AM. That I can go to the gym & that its only a few blocks away from my home. And that I can walk to work. So grateful to get a big hug from little Elias when I picked him up from camp! Grateful for friends checking in today and for my former boss calling to offer me a project! For a stranger offering to help me meet other designers. For healing & changing in life. For forgiveness & meditation. For the time to actually do a meditation. For warm weather, not scorching hot like in Africa or Death Valley. Warm shower after wrk, fruitman selling fruits & veggies just up the street & open late. For my loving bf and my 2 phenomenal bffs.

So thankful I was asked to freelance on a few exciting interior design jobs today! So thankful that the firm thought to contact me after I hadn’t worked with them in a few years. So thankful I woke up this AM healthy & happy! So thankful for my iPhone, computer, iPad (such luxuries!) so thankful I can now blog in bed! Amazing!! So thankful I can walk to & from to both my jobs. So thankful that I could afford to buy a few pcs of summer clothing id been wanting. For my gym & the people that work there. For the fruit stand & the man who works such long hrs standing there in the heat (or in the snow in winter). For someone opening the door for me. For the quick NYC buses! For NPR. For the amazing kids who I am so fortunate to work with. For FaceTime ( another luxury !!) for the ride home someone gave me this evening.

I’m so grateful for having a job! I’m so grateful for friends & best friends who you know as well, if not more, then the back of your hand…so grateful for the cool air tonight. For time to read my book, meditate & have the extra time to meet at Nice Matin for breakfast with good friends! So grateful I’m healthy, happy, that my heart is beating. That I have a sweet, safe, quiet apt in NYC. For a cozy bed, and fluffy pillows. For my new Kate Spade computer bag I ordered & gifted myself with (my half- birthday present). : ) So grateful that I can sleep at night, no loud neighbors/cars going by. so grateful I roughly make my own schedule when I’m not at wrk, and not have to worry about feeding/supporting a family or pet yet, and just be free to learn as much as I can about me while I’m in my 20’s.

So grateful for time to write, time to work on my computer or do anything I wish today (while so many people have to work weekends to pay bills, or because their job requires them too). I will work tomorrow (Sunday) but then will just be grateful that I have a nice job to go to each day. So grateful for my extremely loving boyfriend who keeps calm, even when I have uncertainty, doubt, etc. For meditation, for being alive & well, for Saturday night Live on my iPad. For forgiveness & understanding. For 2 legs & 2 arms to use to get me where I want to go each moment. For 2 hands to create with. For living in the US where there’s a democracy (not dictator) where we as woman are safe (generally) walking down the streets in the towns/cities we live in, knowing we will not be harmed or hurt.

So thankful for my incredible girlfriends who have stood the test of time, and have always been there to listen or lend a hand to help. For me being healthy, happy and safe. For the nyc subway transit and how fast trains can get me home. For being able to get a drink & dinner with friends after work. For making it home safely this evening. For the peace & quiet now. For the tiny but such meaningful gestures people do on a daily bases, hold a door open or simply smile in your direction.

Im so grateful for the Invaluable advice & inspirational story from my closet girlfriend (who was willing to take the time to share with me tonight).
For an unexpected love letter (text) from my bf in middle of day today. So Thankful for getting to & from everywhere I needed to be safely today. For taxi fare home, for a taxi taking me straight to my door after long day of work. For my quiet, clean apt & cozy bed.

So grateful to have a sanctuary to come home to where I have everything I could possibly need/want. For the fruit stand up the street with the man working extremely long hours & still pleasant, like so many people in NYC. For being able to plan a vacation & purchase a great plane ticket to CA this evening. For my best friends who are so consistently there for me, offering me invaluable & honest advice. So grateful for them and for my bf who is always there to talk if i need him & holding my hand along the way. For meditation, growth, creativity, for understanding. For a hug from Elias and a kind boss who was still so pleasant though he’d had a huge work day. For the smiles, for beautiful music. For all of the luxuries I am able to experience living in NYC. For the luxuries i have living in the USA, that so many countries do not yet have. For clean drinking water & a warm shower whenever I’d like.

So grateful to go to a movie with a friend tonight. To have the day off which means my boss gave me an unexpected 3 day weekend. For the luxury of time to meet close friends for coffee at a lovely French bistro this AM. For my best friends who are in touch each day, though they live on other side of the country. For a working AC unit. For meditation, for AC at the gym, for Fairway market being so close and open long hrs so I can go any time I need groceries. For my legs, arms, my super healthy body. For my boyfriend who checks in each day and is always trying his best & putting his whole heart into his work & our relationship. For amazing books & writers who help open my eyes, and make me aware that there is so much beauty in the world. For showers during the day (heat wave) and for someone I’ve wanted to meet with emailing me back with a date we will meet! For a cozy, clean apt & cozy bed…

So grateful for my health, for meditation, for the artists past & present who teach us to be true to ourselves and to create like crazy! So grateful for having food in my fridge, for having strong legs to walk me wherever I need to go, for hearing, for sight, youth, so much freedom.

So grateful for Elias singing You are my Sunshine to me tonight then giving me a giant hug <3 !! So grateful for seeing amazing modern art up close/in person in my cousins studio. So grateful for my boyfriend & my best friends. For all the relationships in which I am able to learn from. For the cool 80's weather, heat wave over. For being inspired. 7/23 So grateful for this amazing day with blue skies & temp in the mid-80's. For my great job, for Elias being so sweet and wonderful. For the cutest little girl Shoshee who I met today. For waking up this morning. For my healthy body. For time to dedicate to my work. For healthy foods to eat, for grocery stores near by to buy whatever i need or want. For love & forgiveness. For a warm bed. For jokes & humor. 7/25/13 I'm so grateful for my job & the freedom it offers. For my kind bosses & Elias who is the sweetest little boy whom I love dearly. For an amazing phone call with my dearest friend, where we talked about spirituality & manifesting what we want by visualizing, etc. How she helps me stay on track is immeasurable & I'm so grateful for her in my life. For my healthy body, for my apt I am able to pay for all on my own on Riverside Dr as well as my beautiful design school I am also able to pay for on my own. For my sweet, lovely, safe neighborhood. For markets, banks just up the street open late. For my cozy apt and cozy bed. For my health & a very healthy body, for not being sick or hurt. For my heart, and for remembering to drop into it to find the answer to most any questions. For my BFF being so willing to share her insights into the interior design world as well as all the tips & advice she can think of. For a place to stay while in CA on vacation. For affording a plane tix and for my boss offering me to 2 weeks off for vacation & being so flexible about when I can take it. For living in the USA where woman are free to say how they feel, and generally know we are very safe. For all of the workers who keep out city going around the clock. 7/27/13 I'm so grateful to be able to simply hop on a train to NJ to see my bf. To be able to spend each Sunday with him, as I know many people for work, location, or monetary reasons are unable to see their partners often, some having to wait week/months or more between visits. So grateful for meeting a friend and having the most lovely brunch together where we laughed & chatted for hrs. So grateful for Elias and his sweetness & enthusiasm and for always being so sweet to me. For being able to walk to brunch, work, the subways, groceries, the parks, etc etc. For Karen & James, my dearest friends and greatest advocates, always pushing me to be bright, be myself, to dream big and then visualize/believe until my dreams come true. For healthy foods to eat, for a cozy, clean bed to sleep in. For the day off of work (again!) where I could spend time writing, napping and working on my blog, huge luxuries! 7/28 So grateful for traveling safe today while my bf & I explored NJ. For waking up to an amazing breakfast prepared for me <3 !! And being given beautiful design magazines and red roses with a love note...! So thankful for all of the generous gifts I'm given each day. For waking up healthy. For being able to explore a new beautiful park via riding bikes. For being able to treat my bf to a yummy dinner. For a quick train ride back into the city tonight.for being healthy, & not getting sick. 7/30/13 So grateful to have met and talked for over an hour with one of the most influential interior designers today. To talk with him, ask questions, and have him be so gracious, positive & honest about the profession. So grateful for having created design projects that are both exciting & enriching. So thankful for being healthy. For red roses in my home. For yummy food to eat, for my gym open late. For the luxuries of living in NYC. For the subway coming so often. For so many loving people in my life. For life itself. 8/1/13 For my grandma getting better each day & talking with her on phone tonight. For the lovely design magazines & roses my boyfriend got me again, so so sweet that he makes such thoughtful gestures as buying me roses, my favorite interior design magazines, making me breakfast, etc For a friend treating me to lunch today at a lovely & yummy restaurant! For my dearest friends, for Elias and my very sweet bosses. For my home, my gym, my pretty dresses, makeup, yummy foods, NPR radio, amazing books to read. For a toilet that flushes, a warm shower, AC, a stove, a fridge, a cozy bed...So grateful for so much in my life tonight. 8/3/13 I'm so beyond grateful for my sweet & hilarious boyfriend & dearest best friends. So grateful for the day off to explore new lovely towns in NJ today...! For my boyfriend surprising me by taking me to a nature park he just discovered that he couldn't wait to show me. For my house, for my amazing life, for my health, my hands, feet, head, heart, hair, so grateful to be alive. For a lovely manicure I was treated to! So grateful to have a great job that has been really relaxed this summer. For the most beautiful weather, bright blue skies & 75 degrees... Feels like a lovely dream... <3 8/5/13 So grateful for the incomparable weather today, one of the bluest skies I've ever seen and the Fall-like brisk morning which turned into sunny & 75 degrees... Just so inspiring. So grateful that my BFF offered to drive to pick me up from the SF airport this week and have me stay with her & her family. So grateful that I'm able to bring gifts for her & her family. For a good friend giving me amazing feedback on my blog & website. For all who took a look at my blog. For my health, for getting to sleep at night & not having a job where I have to work all night... For the luxurious skin & face products I bought, for having everything right here in NYC. For being safe all day (crossing streets, walking all over midtown) and coming home happy & healthy. 8/8/13 So grateful for making it to CA safely, and for such kind & gracious people helping me at each airport, and welcoming me so kindly. So grateful for my dearest friend Karen for having her guest room made up so beautifully for me, with fresh cut flowers, candies, gifts, and just decorated so nicely. For her & her family welcoming me into their home so whole heartedly. For having the pleasure of staying with them. For going to the De Young museum today & seeing the sparkling Bay Bridge last night. 8/11/13 So grateful to stay with my best friend & her family. So grateful for her family welcoming me & being so kind and gracious toward me. For being given these 2 weeks off work. For being able to see my BFF each day! For being able to treat my friends/family to nice meals & gifts while I'm here. For all of my safe travels thus far. For my health & happiness. 8/13/13 Im so grateful for the unexpected flowers delivered for me (and a bouquet for Karen) today by my loving boyfriend. For driving safely to and from the city today. For bring treated to an incredible dinner at the Farallon in SF by my best girlfriend. For getting to experience the beautiful lights of SF from the 29th floor of the Westin in Union Sq. For all of my safe travels. For staying healthy, while having delicious organic foods to eat. For sleeping in a warm cozy bed in a sweet/inviting home while on vacation. 8/16/13 So grateful for flying home safely. For the incredibly fun day I had with dear friends before I flew out. For driving safely to the airport. For my loving boyfriend picking me up from the airport (in the Porsche with the roof down, yay!) for sitting by 2 very sweet considerate people on 5.5 hr flight home. For Noelle the golden doodle who's so sweet & wild. 8/17/13 So grateful for making it home safely and being able to sleep in a warm cozy house with my boyfriend for the weekend before heading back to work next week. For having time to work on my computer. For the incredible dinner at Chez Catherine my boyfriend took us to. For getting everywhere we needed to safely today. For picking beautiful veggies in the garden. For a yummy lunch Moussa made for us. For playing with Noelle the golden-doodle & walking her around the property. For laying in our soft bed in NJ where it's quiet besides the sound of a train going by from time to time which is also very soothing & nice to hear in its own way. For the steam room and for being told I was missed dearly while on vacation for 10 days. 8/18/13 So grateful for a day off spent with my amazing, sweet, wonderful boyfriend. For the delicious scarpiella chicken he made us for lunch. For having time to take a run during the day. For sleeping in. For things always seeming to work out for the best. For having yummy foods to eat, for all the kindness & generosity people & the world have shown me. For being able to sit down & watch a funny movie tonight with my bf, something we've rarely have the time/make time to do together. For such a lovely, easygoing day. For being safe & so happy. So grateful for such special people in my life. 8/19/13 So grateful to wake up healthy & happy again this AM! To wake up to someone I love dearly sleeping next to me. To be so warmly welcomed in my bfs home & have him say that its my home too. To have people in my life who I love dearly & who don't ever seem to judge me, though I can be such a harsh judge & critic myself. So grateful to now be safely home in my own soft, clean, quiet bed in my tiny little studio on riverside Dr. So thankful for my BFF bringing me dinner tonight as I settle back into my apt after a 2 wk trip. So thankful for these last few days off. For happiness, hope, love and kindness in the world. For amazing opportunities which come out of no effort, just love & belief. For grateful for my job, home, friends, my health, my neighborhood, and life... 8/20/13 I am so deeply grateful for my loving relationships I've created in my life. People have gone so above & beyond for me & I want/try to give back in thanks for everything. I'm so grateful for foods to eat, for my health & belief in me. So grateful that I am happy, healthy & do not need to rely on any drugs/pills to make me feel happy. So grateful to be working freelance in a nice design firm and be able to work only part time to devote my time/energy into my other create passions. So grateful for my home, life, blog, for Starbucks & my espresso machine, for living by myself, for being able to support myself while living in NYC. 8/21/13 So grateful for my job, for Elias & my wonderful bosses who have been so kind & generous to me. For my boyfriend who is so very loving & supportive each day, without exception. It's miraculous & i know I've taken it for granted much of the time. For all of the loving people in my life. For my cute, tiny studio & bathroom, and shower, and yummy smelling lotions, and perfume, and for clothing to choose from in the morning. For nail polish and New York & meditation to calm my head. For my friends & family getting safely home tonight. For my interior design job, for running water, food enough to eat, for getting out of bed this AM. 8/23/13 So graceful for my loving relationship where I don't have any doubts if my partner still loves me or wants to continue being in a relationship. For being in love with an amazing person. So grateful for my amazing, long run tonight. For the incredible book I'm reading. For my job with my bosses who are caring, flexible, appreciative and have been wonderful to work for. For Elias the cutest little boy. For my amazing girlfriends who have been so encouraging of my work. For food in my fridge. For running water & a warm shower. For no war going on around me & having a sense that I'm safe, unfortunately unlike many places in the world at this time. For my health. For my loved one's health. 8/25/13 So grateful for having a weekend free to think & create. To have the time & means to meet a good friend for drinks at a great new bar near my apt. To arrive safely to nj on the train. So grateful to have this day with my boyfriend where we could go on a gorgeous bike ride along nature paths and see gorgeous flowers & plants. To have a lovely breakfast at a traditional NJ diner with my boyfriend. To meet such nice people each day. To have the tools & time to paint. For the luxury of time to watch the news tonight & have a wonderful dinner at the house. 8/26 So grateful for time to write & time to reflect. So grateful for waking up healthy, happy & with the intention of having a great week! For my beloved boyfriend who I spent this AM with. For my BFF for texting me past midnight to say hi & goodnight. For having time to relax before work. For having food in the fridge & clean drinking water. For my computer, phone & iPad. For my AC. 8/28/13 So grateful to have a job. To have a house to live in (in NYC) and food to eat. So grateful for being able to pay for my school, and for having the privilege to attend it here in the city. So grateful for all of the amazing things that work each day, without effort. Our bodies, the water, the shower, our phones, computers, Internet, coffee makers, ATMs, etc etc its a miracle that so much works so very seamlessly in life each day. So grateful for my loving friends & my sweet, wonderful boyfriend. For Elias & the fact that he's been safe, not hurt, and for my bosses who are very inspiring as to how they treat others, and are so caring. For the health & happiness of my loved ones... 8/28/13 So grateful for my amazing gift today from a good friend. So grateful for waking up healthy today. So grateful for my boyfriend for being so kind & loving with me at all times & trying his best in our relationship all the time. For having him schedule a car me up & take me to NJ. For my loving friends. 9/1/13 For getting to talk with Zoumana in Paris today. For being in touch with close friends today & catch up. For having the whole day to spend with my bf, and for getting the most lovely wicker chairs (for free!!) for my bf driving us safely everywhere we needed to go today, so waking up & now going to sleep safe & happy. For our amazing dinner. For having foods to eat & being able to afford groceries & eating out. 9/2/13 I'm so grateful for my good friends & my truly amazing boyfriend. For the wonderful long weekend we had together, cooking together & seeing how to is to spend 3 days/3nights together, to which it was so lovely & memorable. So thankful that he & all of my loved ones were able to make it home safely tonight. So grateful for having great food to eat & to be able to pay for groceries. To have healthy arms & legs to use, to have the ability to walk wherever I need, and use my eyes (and glasses if need be) to see all i need to see. To have no physical handicaps and to be very healthy. So grateful for my job, for Elias, for all the kind people I interact with each day. For my boyfriend driving me home tonight after dinner with friends, and for him always offering to drive me even though he has an hour drive home & meetings very early the next morning. So grateful for clear skin, a beating heart, healthy lungs, healthy organs, and how my body keeps working so hard/well 24 hrs a day. 9/3/13 So grateful for a wonderful first day of classes, with interesting & stimulating classes where I am/will learn so much. So grateful for the friends I have at nysid & friends I'll meet, looks like some super sweet people in my classes. So grateful to have got on the bus & got home quickly tonight. So grateful for packing lunch & coffee so I didn't have to buy out. So grateful for my boss coming home early so I could leave for class & for setting up a sitter to watch Elias. So thankful for all of the amazing things that have brought me to this place right now. For my sweet, pretty little studio on Riverside Dr that is all mine. No roommates, and quiet neighbors make it feel like I'm alone which feels so peaceful. 9/4/13 So grateful for another wonderful day at school! For seeing old friends & meeting new ones. For being able to see my best friend who's in town & have him treat us to a delicious & wonderful dinner at a lovely downtown organic restaurant. To have left work in time to meet him. For Elias being a good boy today. For having the time to look at/read tons of art books at Strand bk store tonight. For being given 2 beautiful new books. For all of the sweet people I encountered today. For living in NYC, with all of its richness & diversity. 9/6/13 So grateful for my job. So grateful for how quickly children bounce back after a meltdown, and want to cuddle & be even sweeter to you... How loving kids are. For How incredibly loving my boyfriend is, asking what he can do 4 my sick tummy today, offering to have a car pick me up, etc etc Grateful for my kind bosses & the extra pay they have me this evening. For the incredible Japanese food a friend made us tonight. For my 2 legs to walk wherever I need to, and for the $ to pay for a cab late at night. For my calm neighborhood & close proximity to everything I need. For my closest friends who are endlessly supportive & loving. So grateful! 9/9/13 So grateful for making the train this AM & for Moussa driving me to catch a train at a station 20 minutes from the house. And him being ok with it. So grateful for the foods I ate today, that I have the resources to buy healthy foods. For my best friend who is constantly supporting me to which I do not feel alone nearly as much when they are close by or when we connect over the phone more. So grateful for my bosses coming home early so that I could go to the Cheryl Crow concert at The Plaza Hotel. Amazing! Grateful for having a glass of wine & enjoying this amazingly talented woman & her band play straight for 2 hrs, making such lovely music. 9/10/13 I'm so thankful to have gone/been invited to go to client meeting with Muriel & Amy. So amazing & enriching for me! Very thankful to have met such nice people at Calhoun school, so warm & welcoming. So thankful for the sweet new faces I'm meeting at nysid & the dedicated, awesome professors i have. For all my new friends as well as my very best friends & my loving boyfriend. So grateful for having 2 good jobs, for having a lovely roof over my head. For waking healthy & happy this AM. For food to eat, yummy clean water, a warm clean bed, the list goes on. 9/11/13 I'm so grateful for my part-time design position where I have got to be part of incredible design meetings, been in some of the grandest NYC apts & homes, and grateful to be included in a dynamic design firm. So grateful for my little Elias, who's so sweet & beyond cute. So grateful to be home safe. To be supported by my closest friends, to everyday that I am safe, that people I love are safe. So grateful to have time to rest at night, or go to the gym, or anything else I can think of in NYC. So grateful that I'm healthy, that I like myself, that I'm learning so much about me & life. For the encouraging, sweet & welcoming ppl at Elias's new school. For my AM coffee & news on NPR. For my heart, my mind, my beautifully working body 9/12/13 I'm so thankful for waking up this AM. For having a nice office to go to very close to my apt, for having nice people to work with. For a lovely place to go to school. For Elias behaving well today & for having time to work on my computer tonight. For Margaret, Karen, Moussa, James, Molly, joe and all of my other dear friends & family. For food to eat today. For making it home safely & for Elias being safe. For such kind people I meet each day. For a cozy bed, for a beautiful neighborhood to live in. For a phone, a computer, an iPad, a blog, art supplies, fun & pretty clothing to wear, purses, shoes, that I could afford all of these things on my own. 9/13/13 I'm so thankful for being alive & being able to live such a wonderful life. So thankful 4 being me : ) and for all of the things that have brought me to this very moment. So thankful for my bffs & my very sweet bf. So thankful I'm home, that i was able to leave work early to head home. That I have good foods to eat, that I can pay my way thru school while keeping balance in my life. 9/15 I'm so thankful I made it to & from NJ safely. For having great friends who are always there to help, etc for having the money for groceries, my private school, dinner/drinks out (sometimes), for clothing & household supplies. So thankful for my stable great jobs, for my lovely bosses, for my wonderful bf who always tries his best & is so consistently thoughtful, attentive & sensitive to me & our relationship. For my health, my beautiful body, my apt in such a great area. 9/17 So thankful for my kind bosses. For their support and encouragement toward me & my work. For my wonderful professors, for people giving us their time today at Gensler. For going to a lovely design party this evening with a friend I reconnected with. For a warm bed on a chilly night, for the time to sleep, for 2 stable jobs I am able to walk to.& from. 9/19 I'm so thankful Falila & Abbas baby is ok. I'm so thankful Elias & I had a great day together & that he stayed safe, and was good all day. Thankful for both my jobs, within walking distance from me. For the school. For my best friends & bf. For being healthy & not sick or with any ailments. For being able to come home to sleep & rest after a long day of work. 9/20 So grateful for traveling to & from everywhere safely today. For the foods I ate and excersize I got. For having this weekend off. For Elias being safe and listening as best he could today. For watching a movie, something I haven't done in so long. For having such a pretty, cozy bed to sleep in. For having the money to buy the new iPhone. 9/22 I'm so thankful for the beautiful gifts I've been gifted with by my bf and for the gorgeous roses. For going to a fun Jets game and sitting so close to the field, and being able to enjoy delicious food & drinks in the VIP section while there. For traveling safely everywhere we went today. For having such loving people in my life like my bf & good friends. 9/23 So grateful for having a great job with nice bosses & a wonderful Elias. For the security of a job to pay my bills, go to school, pay for my apt, done out, and meet my basic needs while finishing school. So grateful my phone & computer work without a hitch. So grateful for my bf who I always have such a wonderful time with over the weekend, who's beyond dedicated to us as a couple. So grateful off him driving my home, instead of me taking train home at the end of weekend, for all the driving he driving he does for us. For my best friends who've always been there no matter what has happened. 9/24/13 I'm so grateful to have had an enriching, great day today & now be safely home & in bed. So grateful for learning about the interior design business at MB inc as well as in my last few classes at nysid. So grateful for a good friend treating at dinner this evening <3 !! To be able to catch up and laugh/talk before our next class. For things working out so beautifully in life. For my boyfriend checking in today and leaving a silly song on my voicemail... For being healthy & happy. 9/25 I'm so grateful for my incredible group of friends here in NYC (and CA!). For all of the kind things people have done for me. For my beloved boyfriend who keeps us on track and is loving & kind to me know matter what else is going on. So thankful for my bonuses my boss often adds to my paycheck. To be working with/for such sweet people. To have a new friend who Elias loves, and who's nanny I love. To be alive, living in a gorgeous city. For food. For my hot showers & morning meditation time I'm aka lucky to have. For my pretty clothing, shoes, perfumes, lotions, for FB, Pinterest, etc to connect with people. 9/26 I'm so thankful to be breathing, to be healthy & able to walk on my own 2 feet with no aliments, with a very healthy body to be able to run, walk, job, workout, chase after kids, etc So thankful for being treated to dinner tonight by my bf who I generally don't see during the week due to our work schedules & the long commute. For him meeting me at work to say hi, then meeting me later on 4 dinner. For the sweet texts, for my good friends who I love so much. For my boss saying he will only need me a few hrs tomorrow ! : ) 9/27 I'm so grateful to have been able to go out tonight with a dear friend who I haven't seen in months. To have had a great time catching up and hear that things are going so well in her life. So grateful for the cuddles Elias gave me today & for my bfs loving calls/texts. For my jobs, so all of the kind people I've encountered today. For yummy foods I am able to buy, for the 2 friends who are framing my flower paintings now for their homes. For my healthy body, with the ability to hear, sight to see, touch, feel, for a wonderful beating heart, for my long hair and soft skin. For my quiet apt on a lovely street in NYC... : ) 9/30 So grateful that moussa's fever just broke and that he is ok, and not getting sicker. For the amazingly loving hug Elias gave me today. For waking up today! For things going smoothly, and everyone staying safe! For the healthy foods I ate. For the subway working well, and for Starbucks having internet when my home internet is down. For the very sincere & sweet people here in NYC. For my school and my dear friends. For being able to go downtown and meet Bill and his good friends last night, for Moussa who drove me downtown even though he was heading way uptown, going 30 minutes out of his way. For my phone working, computer working, keys working, fridge & shower working, WordPress, amazing! 10/1/13 I'm so grateful for all of the things working out so well in my life right now. For reconnecting with a friend after a falling out a few months ago. For going to a beautiful showroom where the staff was so nice & unbelievable welcoming to us, who brought out snacks & educated us a lot on fabrics & upholstery. For moussa's sweet texts & for him telling me I should stay at school today & not go see him as he is getting better. So thankful I'm alive, I'm healthy. That I have great jobs. That people believe in me enough to ask me to come work for them. For my blog. For money to buy snacks & food. For Elias & my bosses. 10/2/13 I'm so grateful to have been able to meet a friend for breakfast before work today and give her the pie Moussa made for her. For meeting a very sweet person & being able to help them today. So grateful I have a job. For my home, and the gym. For Moussa & James and my other close friends. 10/4/13 I'm so grateful that I'm home safe, that the subways were so quick, that the line at Whole Foods was uncharacteristically fast, and that I got a yummy dinner to bring home from there. So grateful for having this weekend off of work, so grateful that things with my bf and will my friends are going well. For being in bed before too late tonight, for being healthy & happy. 10/6/13 I am so great grateful to have had a weekend off to relax & nurture a bit. To have been able to spend time with my boyfriend enjoying the beautify Fall weather, the leaves changing, the cooler slightly weather... So thankful for treating myself to a wonderful massage this evening & buying some new clothes for my jobs. For being gealthy, safe, having amazing supportive friends & a boyfriend who is so kind and sweet, whom I am so thankful to have met and come so far with despite the bumps in the road & doubts which I still work to override in many aspects of my life. For delicious meals out, being treated to lunch. But mainly for being safe, healthy & happy. 10/8/13 I'm so grateful for waking up healthy this AM. For having a good job to go to & school which I love. For having foods to eat, a working shower, a soft cozy bed. An incredible boyfriend, good friends, my health, meditation, gym to go to. I'm so thankful to be able to walk to work/school. For forgiveness, for all the gifts I've been gifted with. 10/9 I'm so grateful for traveling to & from work & traveling with Elias safely everywhere today. So grateful for my 2 dynamic jobs where there's a level of respect & consideration for one another. For all of the lovely changes I've been able to make in my life thus far. For my kind, sweet & funny boyfriend who's so in tune to how we are & how I am doing throughout the day/week. For the immense love he shows me & for our growth as a couple. For the kind people I've met today. For being alive now, for sleep I am able to get each night. For cappacinos, Starbucks so near by & warm showers & clean towels. 10/10/13 So grateful for my life, for my jobs, to be able to pay my bills & for school on my own. For my lovely little studio on such a beautiful street & for a safe, pretty neighborhood that feels like home that I've lived in over 7 yrs now. For my dear friends, for my great professors & everyone in my life as I know they are doing their best. And if all of the people showing me examples of how I want to live my life in a beautiful loving way. 10/13/13 I'm so thankful that I was safe while traveling this weekend. For spending a wonderful weekend with my bf whom I live dearly and who I have such a fun, romantic, at times hilarious time with. To have someone who is so kind & thoughtful toward me, and in a relationship where we are so loving & respectful to eachother. For being able to see a movie today (and eat lunch while watching)...! To have a warm bed, reliable transportation, a good source of income from 2 jobs that I really enjoy. To have the privilege to attend the school I do. To have hands that work & feet that work, a body that functions so well where I don't easily get sick, and heal quickly. For being able to heal. For forgiveness. For good healthy foods to eat , clean water, pretty clothes, so much freedom living in the USA & so many luxuries living in NYC. 10/14/13 So grateful for my health. For a smooth day with Elias who was doing his very best all day. For being gifted with lovely treats & dinner by my bf who left them at my apt while I was at work. For my bf & my close friends & family. For gym. For money to afford gym, for my school, for weekends off the last few weeks & the willingness for my bosses to be flexible about me needing less hrs. For my heart, who I am, my strong immune system. For this time now to rest. 10/16 For Joel so kindly writing me back regarding lyles bday and being open to me seeing the boys anytime. For MB treating us to lunch. For Elias wigs such a good boy, so loving & sweet... For my kind & generous bosses. For my health & healthy body. For my good friends & my bf Moussa. 10/17 I'm so grateful for my cousins sweet text message. For a kind note from a good friend. For my health, for my jobs, for being me. For my apt in NYC, for the sweet people I work with. For having food to eat, for the bus getting me to work on time. For being offered a job opportunity. For Elias being so good & sweet. For a dear friends phone call tonight. For artwork. For forgiveness & a healthy beating heart allowing me to let things just go. 10/18 I'm so grateful that I will be able to see the boys next week. So grateful that a dear friend called me tonight & that we were able to talk a bit. For getting home safely in cab tonight. For being able to work on homework while at work tonight. For my loving boyfriend who was trying to help me cheer up tonight after another 14 hr day wrk day. For my dear friends in my life. For Elias who was very good tonight. 10/19 So grateful for getting my group project done today, for having the time to work on it today. For getting to leave work after only a few hrs this evening. For my bf getting me groceries tonight while I'm so busy with work & school. For staying healthy & not getting sick or hurt at all. For staying safe, for always being able to come home at night, knowing I'm safe & can get a cab if needed. So thankful I have my own apt, that I can afford on my own and so thankful that my apt is rent stabilized. 10/20 So grateful for time to do my work. For my bf and my dear friends who add inspiration, love & fun into my life, who I consider my true family. Thankful for my jobs , school, for pursuing my dears. 10/21 So grateful for the groceries my bf brought me, which made is so much easier to accomplish tasks without needing to do grocery shop. So grateful for my job, for Elias, for good friends & for being so welcomed by my bfs best friends. For Falila & abba being so kind. For waking up healthy & rested, without worrying about any health issues or aliments, so grateful for that. For food in the fridge, for being able to buy my friends nice bday gifts. Grateful that I completed large assignment over weekend so was able to rest some today. Grateful for my life, my lifestyle, affording a new iPhone, affording NYC on my own, for everything going smoothly. 10/22 I'm so grateful for my loving boyfriend. For getting all done in a graceful & stress free way today. For being able to afford nice gifts for my friends as there was a time a short while ago when I could not. So grateful for my health & well being most importantly & that of people I care for including my friends & family. For my wonderful school where I can learn in a lovely ,safe, open, accepting & enriching environment. For pizza lunch & treating a friend to lunch. For yummy coffee & for my jobs & home. 10/27 I'm so grateful to be safe & happy. To be in a very loving & supportive dream relationship. To have 2 great jobs, to have supportive friends. To be able to eat healthy. For fun apple picking & for seeing Henry & Noelle. For having a lovely day exploring with my bf. for sleep, for healing. For the amazing party/event we attended Friday night which I was so honored to be apart of. 10/28 I'm so grateful for my loving boyfriend. For elias being so sweet & loving tonight. For being able to buy flowers and dessert after work, having the money to do so. For my health and healthy body that makes it easy to run around and do all the things that I want/need to. That I live in a safe country/city where woman have equal rights as men and there isn't racial profiling (for the most part ) here in NYC. So grateful Moussa & I can walk the streets, and he together without any issues, which may not be the case in other countries. So grateful that I don't live in a war zone or poverty stricken country. That I and the ones I love are extremely safe here. That we can walk most places safely in NYC. That my friends are healthy & living their dreams. So grateful for time off, for being able to walk thru Central park to work each day. 10/29 So grateful for the sick day I took today to get better. That my job was ok though I couldn't make it in, no issues... So thankful for the cab that got me to school safely to take my midterm test today, and for my gorgeous walk home this afternoon. For studying & doing well on test. For supportive coworkers, teachers, friends, my incredibly supportive, hilarious, kind & sweet bf. for my phone, computer & internet working well. For being able to eat out today. & texting with a dear friend. For being healthy & happy & for my lovely life in NYC. 10/3o So grateful Karen got her bday gifts on time & that I was able to talk to her & leave a nice note for her in her bday. So grateful I have good friends like Karen & James & a very kind considerate boyfriend who is always there to talk or if I need anything at all. For my 2 jobs going well, school going well. For my health, my body working perfectly. For workouts and fruits and vegetables for readily available to us in the US unlike many parts of the world. So grateful for my apartment with a heater, a lovely view & for my warm bed. For living in this beautiful city. 10/31 So grateful for Eliot & Lyle. & being able to see them ! So grateful for my best friend listening to Me today while I went thru a lot/had a really rough AM. So grateful for my shoes , my coat, my legs, arms, head, body... 11-1-13 I'm so grateful to be alive today. To have a job, to have a kind boyfriend and good friends to talk with. For someone who listens without judgement who can tell me what's going on in my space & why I'm acting a certain way. So grateful to live in a safe part of the world where women aren't treated badly or unfairly (still working on equal pay for men vs women). So grateful it's not too cold out and it's not pouring rain where I'm soaked. So grateful the train came this AM and that my bf called to see how I'm doing & that there's someone who wants to know. 11/4/13 I'm so grateful for the roses Moussa left me. For his I miss you & I love you texts... To have someone care about me so much & to be in love with them right back. For us to love eachother as I know that isn't always the case in life, or love it unrequited. For my job, for Elias being well again. My health , my capacity to change to love to flourish. For my great friends & great bosses. For being able to eat out & pay my bills without worry. 11/5/13 So grateful for this lovely day. For having time to work on my projects. For making it to work & school safely. For my coworkers & bosses being kind & very patient with me as I learn new office tasks. For my bf who called to check in tonight. For the kind teachers I have in school, and for a lovely school in a beautiful part of NYC. For my health & the health of those around me. For my AM meditation and reading design blogs as inspiration for my day. For the bus driver who let me get on bus though my metro card was empty & I had only $1 in coins... 11/6/13 So grateful for foods in my fridge to eat. For money to buy a coffee. For 2 jobs which are both helping me support my self while I finish school & teaching me so much. For not having waterbugs in my house like the past several years, yay! For Elias staying safe while he climbed the rocks today. For my phone. & computer as I know many people in the world don't have either. For my beautiful relationship which I'd dreamed of for years but didn't think I could actually have, for someone who is so support & kind, and always there when I need them. So grateful I saw my grandma before her health become suddenly impacted & to where she can't live alone anymore. 11/7 So grateful for talking with my best friend tonight & I feel so much better after connecting. Thankful for being validated & feeling like someone is seeing the real person I am & accepting/loving me no matter what. Thankful for my nice gym up the street where I can run in on way home. For Elias who said he wanted to give me 500 kisses today. : ) for my bf who wrote me a sweet/romantic text message while I was at work today. For MB & AT who have warmly welcomed me into their office & business & are patiently training me. So thankful that things have changed so much, to see how much people can shift, grow & embrace eachother after having disagreements or hiccups in the past (which is to be humans). For the apples from the orchid & for having healthy foods to eat, my safe warm home in NYC, my health & happiness. 11/8/13 So grateful to have seen a good friend unexpectedly today. To talk with her & share & have some laughs. For my beautiful walk to school & back thru Central Park, so fortunate to be so near to such beautiful nature. For my job & my paycheck. For Elias who is so cute and really tries to be a good boy & is making huge progress. For Moussa my love who is constantly being so sweet, gentle, generous & loving to me. To have such special wonderful people in my life. For money to take taxis & buy pizza for dinner. For my grandma who came to NYC and made such an effort to connect and was so kind, generous and embraced me & my life here so whole heartedly. For phones, computers , internet. For forgiveness & lovely change. 11/10/13 So grateful for my love Moussa. For having someone whom I'm so in love with feel the same about me and do things & sweet gestures to show his love. So graded to for my jobs to make it possible to pay my bills, do food shopping, go to nice restaurants, enjoy the city & life. For the football game we went to today and for it not raining too hard during game, for being driven home instead of taking the train. For Starbucks this morning and cuddles in bed. For the beautiful foliage. For getting everywhere safely today to which I'm so grateful. 11/11 So grateful for such a lovely day. For Elias being so sweet & good. For getting in more working hrs which I found use at the moment. For spending the day in central park enjoying the beautiful colors of the trees. For Elias & I being/keeping safe all day. So thankful for legs & a healthy body to chase Elias. For the subways able to get us places so quick. For sweet bosses who are beyond considerate toward me. 11/13/13 So grateful for learning so much at MB inc. for the people who have been so patient and have so much belief in me that they've spend their time teaching me & sharing their experiences. For Moussa, and my 2 dearest friends. For gay marriage equality and for more states legalizing gay marriage. For getting to walk to/ from work. For FB to get messages to others. For Kimmy, Susan, char char. 11/14 So grateful for work, for healthy foods, for veggies, for drug stores up the street. For my best friends checking in. For my incredible boyfriend. For my warm bed & safe neighborhood & home. For unexpectedly getting this weekend off work. For AT & MB & making emends with a dear friend. For my good health, my lovely life. 11/18 I'm so grateful for my healthy body. For Elias & how sweet & loving he is. For a friends sweet text & to be able to connect with my 2 dearest friends this evening. For the opportunity to take off work if I need to. For being able to afford healthy foods & have them up the street from me. For my incredible boyfriend who's so sweet, caring & kind to me and who I can always count on & always talk with if need be. For $ to pay my bills. For $ to buy gifts to others & the Xmas gifts I'd like to get them. 11/19 So grateful I was able to work thru things with my partner today. For being able to see a dear friend who is on the last chapter of her life who has been a close/ loving friend since I moved to NYC 8 yrs ago. For the memories i can always keep from our time together. For my bosses understanding my obligations to other jobs, school and time off when If I'm not well. For meditation, how quick out (my body) can heal itself & for the quiet times. For my wonderful teachers, and incredible people in my life. For money to buy foods and for all the luxuries I have, eating out, buying clothing, makeup & perfume, being treated to dinners. Most of all for my health & the health of my loved ones. 11/20 So thankful for my dear friends, for invites to thanksgiving, for having a place to go to to celebrate with those I care about. For Moussa & for my understanding bosses who have been so gracious to work with my schedule. For my safety & well being, for the ability to walk, run, workout & use my arms & legs. For having time to rest and doing my best today. 11/23 I'm so so grateful for having a stay-cation with my love at the W Hotel in NYC. So grateful for the person who treated us to one night & for my bf treating us to the whole weekend here. For our lovely brunch & nice guest from Niger, for my bf coming back from work in time to have dinner with me in our hotel room, for his driving safely everywhere he went today. For us breaking thru. For Elias being such a sweety. For my appreciative bosses. For Molly coming to visit me & for treating us to yummy coffee. For a super cozy bed to sleep in with my love. 11/24 So grateful for Moussa & my mini vacation. For him getting to & from all of his commitments/job and making it safely to NYC. For him talking with me as I melted down again this AM. For our commitment to each other & to talking. For the love I feel for him and my loved ones. For my health, healthy body working in perfect order. For not having cramps during my perious. For getting my period & not having stress keep it from coming on time. For having the weekend to rest & rejuvenate. 11/27 I'm so grateful for my two closest friends calling me last night to see how I was, making me feel loved & connected after a rough day. So grateful for a full night sleep. For waking up healthy & happy. For a warmer day. For my boyfriend being safe while he works so much. For healthy foods to eat, for Elias being so sweet & good. For having such dear amazing friends. For having a job & a means to paying the bills. For all the gifts I've been given. For being safe. For my beating heart. 11/27 So grateful for my health, for my body where I can do big workout & be ok, without aches or pains. So grateful for my best friends, for Elias who tries his best, my bosses who are so very kind, for my boyfriend who's always trying his best & has been so so loving/sweet/amazing since the day we met... For the boys, W & J, Norine who I have known & loved since I moved to NYC 8 yrs ago. For healthy foods, for laundry up the street & zabars open late so I could get holiday treats for everyone for tomorrow. For getting tidying done so I can enjoy tomorrow. For my heart & who I am. 12/5 So grateful for my health, for my relationship & wonderful friendships. For the people in my life who are so loving & supportive. For the jobs i have so that i can pay the bills & buy gifts (Xmas gifts now!) for the health & safety or my friends & family. For Elias giving me a huge hug today & for being so sweet & such a good little boy. For my wonderful teachers, for James, for working out. For this amazing recording I listened to tonight. 12/6/13 So grateful for being healthy! For being safe & happy. For being in bed by 12 after getting so much done today, (to have everything on time to turn in next week). For all going smoothly at work & school today. For James & Moussa calling & getting some time to catch up with a girlfriend. For a glass of wine while working (a treat !) for the support & love of my bosses. For healthy foods to eat, for a safe lovely little apt. For the safety of my loved ones. For my beating heart. 12/8 So grateful to have had the time to get one project done on time. For being able to see my love tonight, who drove to get me at school, brought flowers & a Christmas tree. For him taking us to dinner and spending time cuddling & catching up a bit. For him getting home safely (driving they the snow). For everything I have here, my warm home close to everything, my school, money to buy food & supplies i need, my gym, coffee in the AM and so much more. For James & Karen. 12/10 So grateful for finishing school, for turning all my projects in on time!! For moussa's loving notes throughout the day & for all my friends support. & congratulations that I'm all done with school. For making it home safe. For getting my book binded on time. For the pizza & salad tonight. For Kimmy, for Moussa, James & Karen. For the pretty snow. 12/11 Grateful to have a blog & WordPress. For making it safely everywhere I needed to go as it was icy out. For the extra pay I was given for the holiday last week. For my bosses being so understanding flexible & human. For my boyfriend who is unbelievable sweet, generous & caring, who has brought me the most lovely gifts. For him belief in me, his wanting to be a together, working so hard to keep it all together. For James & Karen my dearest friends. For James giving me a good talk to straighten me out today as I didn't feel like myself & wasn't appreciating life or all the gifts I'm given like getting groceries, going home to a warm shower / warm bed, while there are others sleeping on street tonight. For no more cockroaches. for Muriel & Amy believing in me. For my heart, mind & perfectly working body. 12/16 I'm so grateful for a lovely weekend where people could come together & celebrate at a lovely Xmas party, where everyone was safe & having fun. For Moussa being so sweet & wonderful all the time, and for our time together this wkend wrapping gifts, shopping for gifts, and spending time together. For getting back to NYC safely today. For Elias who's so so so sweet, and him being so loving and cute all the time. For James Karen Charlotte and all my other friends. For my bosses who are so very kind & generous to me. 12/18 I'm so grateful for my jobs and the raise I was offered to stay at my part-time job. For the amazingly fun work Xmas dinner party we had last night which was so wonderful. I felt so included and like I belong to something important, to a company & job I worked hard to get to. For the yummy food and the ride home and for things changing and turning out so beautifully. For the compliments I was given, for the laughs and memories made. For AT and MB. For my health, making it safely everywhere I or Elias and I, went today. For the respect from people whom I respect, for the love from my boyfriend and dear friends. For having a job and a home. Food and the money to buy gifts. For time to sleep at night, and a gym to go to. 12/19 So grateful to have seen the boys tonight & to see that they are doing so well. To see Elias and have him safe everywhere we went. And for him doing his best. & listening very well. For the unexpected $ in the mail today from my grandmas. For making to everywhere I needed to go safely today. For my Starbucks card and for pumpkin spice lattes. For James checking on me & Moussa for listening to my quarter life mini crisis. For the pretty Xmas music. For my warm soft bed & cosy home in great & lovely location. For my health, clear skin, my very healthy body. For 2 good jobs 12/20 So grateful for my jobs, for my gym, for my health, for my friends, for my warm apartment & no long commute home. 12/22 So grateful for James talking to me tonight, for my bosses offering me lots of contacts of people I should meet, and talk with. So flattered and thankful for this. For my bf who tries his very best all the time. 12/25 So Grateful for getting home safe. For a beautiful Christmas. For such lovely generous gifts. For good food, a day off to relax. For lovely friends & family. For my incredible boyfriend who is there each day to talk listen & work thru things. 12/27 I'm so grateful for my jobs & for each boss being so understanding. For Terry coming home early to I could run to my next job. For Karen's lovely card in the mail. For all of the beautiful gifts Moussa gave me for Christmas. For him getting me safely home. For me getting all my work done & getting home safe. For James always checking in on me & trying to help however he can. For the healing my body is doing now. For my home & Christmas lights. 12/28 So grateful for my boyfriend who is one of the sweetest, most loving & generous people I know. Who's always shown his love & care for me so well, putting it right out there, not holding back. For my 2 jobs & all the work required right now which is paying my bills. For the sunny day. Fix clean sheets, and new fluffy mattress pad. For getting home safe & having $ to buy groceries. For Karen & Char Char & Kimmy and all my other girl friends. For James my dearest friend, and the health of all my loved ones. 12/29 So grateful for my healing. For the day to relax & replenish. For the time to read & write and stay in bed to heal. For my loving boyfriend. For my best friends who are so incredible. For the rainy day & having an umbrella to stay dry. For a bed to sleep in, a warm dry apt to live in. For food, for grocery stores. For a perfect body to walk, run wherever I need to go. For moussa's healing. For the tea & warm shower I had today. For the old bookstore up the street which Is so charming & rich with materials 12/30 So grateful for the taxi fare home. For The 24 hr drugstores where I can get things I need after work (sometimes late at night). For my safe neighborhood & my job so close to home. For supportive people to work for, for mediation & the money to buy food, clothing. & things I need. For my loving sweet boyfriend & dear friends. For my health!!!! 1/1/14 So grateful for talking with Karen tonight who is the most incredible best girlfriend imaginable. For my amazing, fun, romantic NY Eve night where my bf cooked us a 3 course meal plus homemade drinks & beautiful French desserts. For our beautiful night laughing & talking. For meditation & new starts & forgiveness. For soup this AM my bf made. For getting home & to a lovely get together safely tonight. For my bf taking me home. For all the gifts he's given me and for learning to give & be appreciative of everything. For my bf offering to pay for my Dr bill & meds when I got sick 1/3/14 So grateful for my health, for being safe in the snow. For my jobs, for my best friends wanting to connect & be there for me. For amazing friends & an amazing boyfriend. For a warm bed & warm shower. For my phone. My computer, my apt, for Elias trying his best. For my body working well & healing now 1/4/14 I'm so grateful for my boyfriend who is truly amazing, and one of the most loving people I've ever met. For being so dedicated, thoughtful & genuinely caring toward me & us. For takeout, for being safe in the slow & crazy weather. For having most of the day off to relax today & tomorrow. For friends who check in. For my healthy skin & body. For James & Karen, Elias & his family. 1/5 For not slipping on the icy sidewalks today. For being with my babe today, being treated to breakfast at a very yummy restaurant downtown which we both loved. For the fact that Moussa really loved the food there. For our lovely time at the Met and Moussa remembering that id wanted to go there. For our magic connection of over 2 yrs now. For my good 2 jobs with supportive bosses. For my health & my cold going away. For the health of my loved ones. 1/7 I'm so grateful for a job where I am able to learn a lot & contribute. For a nice work environment. For James, Moussa, Kimmy, Molly, Elias & all my dear friends. So grateful for having warm clothes in this cold weather. For having good foods to eat & a warm bed . When I hear the news about other countries I realize how safe I am and how I don't have to feel for my life or the lives of my loved ones, nor worry about getting sicknesses, etc 1/8 I'm so grateful that I was home in time to get in bed early. That my heaters are working. That I have warm clothing, hats. & scarfs as I'm sure many people do not have warm enough clothing during this freezing time. Grateful for all of the loving people in my life. For my mentors & people helping me learn & grown. (Or showing me what I don't want to create in my life). For good foods to eat. For being able to eat in restaurants. Meet with friends close by. For a super short commute to work 1/10 For my job race, for cab fare, for getting home safely & for Elias and I getting everywhere safely today. For being treated to dinner with Elias. For very understanding, sweet bosses. For a very loving sweet boyfriend. For my good friends who are incredible. For my health. & well being. 1/11 For being born, for being born in the US. For being healthy, not having any health issues and healing from the cold. For the warm day today and for this weekend off. For talking to my 2 dearest friends and my boyfriend today. For staying safe in the bad weather. For affording to go to brunch with a friend and plan to see etc other again, for affording to buy nice makeup and eat dinner out if I don't want to cook. For growth and my beautiful life 1/16 I'm so grateful to be alive, healthy & moving toward my dreams & goals. So thankful for healthy foods to eat. For great friends, for 2 jobs. For Elias being so cute & good. For Moussa & James being so supportive and amazing. 1/18 I'm so grateful for being taken home and getting home safely last night. For good friends watching out for me. For some time to rest today before work. For my amazing Starbucks card so that I can get go up the street and treat myself whenever I like. For Elias being so sweet & cute. For all the kisses and cuddles he gave me. For my walk along the Hudson today. For James being so supportive and thinking my little catastrophe last night was funny and was not upset or judgmental of what id created. For good good friends. For Adam treating us to everything last night. For my health, for my nice jobs, for my life 1/20 I'm so grateful for my health, for my Relationship with such a loving person, for James. For getting some good work done today & for being with Moussa accompanying him at his appts. For ordering out, and staying in. For learning so much 1-22 I'm so thankful I didn't slip on the icy snow. That I got home safe. That Elias & I had a great day, him being so loving, and that we were both safe walking in this weather. That my bosses are ao appreciative. That I have someone who cares for me dearly. That I have money for the gym, groceries, taxis. That James & Karen are still my best friends after all these yrs 1/24 I'm grateful that I'm not sick with anything, so therefore feeling great. Grateful that I'm in bed before midnight, laying in fresh clean sheets with a floor heater going as extra warmth during this cold time. Grateful for my safety & the safety of Elias and all my loved ones. For my bday venue being able to accommodate us on my birthday. For being able to afford a personal trainer as a luxury for the next 6 months. 1/26 I'm so grateful for wise, inspiring friends that make me want to be a better version of me. For a floor heater, for being able to meet a friend to get a yummy dinner and yummy desert while laughing & having fun. For NYC subway so quick. For having a weekend to relax & regroup. For my healthy heart, lungs, brain, and All the incredible organs working so well within me. 1/27 I'm so grateful to myself for working out again tonight!! For my trainer, for Elias and all the things that happened so nicely today. For the work I'm doing with Andrew & Terry. For Moussa being safe traveling. For a paid job where I'm learning so much. For food & clothing, a gym, my very own apt, no roomates. Safe neighborhood. Friends who care for me . Paint, cereal, makeup, my health & strong body

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